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MIO Alpha strapless heart rate monitor

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The struggle to lose weight can be a hard one for anybody. There are countless weight loss supplements and aids on the market today that advertise a quick fix with no strings attached. Such claims are simply unfounded, and one can grow ill from buying into fad diets and fasts that starve the body and mind.

While some celebrities may have indeed found quick success with certain trends, the results are almost always short lived. You may be able to fend off hunger for a couple weeks, but eventually you will grow tired of the stress and wind up binging. Even if you don’t go out of control, your body will cling to fat as you start eating in a normal pattern again, resulting in weight gain that may even exceed your previous weight.

A balanced nutrition plan and a consistent exercise routine are the only way you’ll experience lasting changes, and it’s important that the regime isn’t too dramatic or you won’t be able to maintain it. It’s better to set reasonable goals that you can reach, and you don’t want to dread your workout each day.

A heart rate monitor is an excellent motivator and it will take the guess work out of working out. You’ll no longer have to rely on online charts and tables that could be inaccurate, and you’ll be able to track your progress and make goals you can accomplish each day.

Most heart rate monitors function with the use of a strap that you secure to your chest. Such pieces can be quite accurate, but the strap may prove cumbersome to those inexperienced with it. You also have to wash it occasionally or your signal could become impaired, and sometimes you may find that you have to adjust it during your routine because your watch isn’t reading your heart rate.

The MIO Alpha strapless heart rate monitor seeks to curb all that frustration by offering a highly accurate watch that doesn’t require a chest strap. It’s unique among strapless devices because it relays your data in real time. It will keep a signal during even the most intense sustained movement, making it an excellent gadget that requires no fuss or muss.

If you’re going to invest in a heart rate monitor, you should consider the MIO Alpha because it’s truly unique. The additional functions also make it a cinch to program to your individual tastes.

Nursing and health care

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Nursing is a health care line of work inattentive on the care of personnel, family, and society so they may accomplish, maintain, or get better most favorable health and value of life from conception to death. Nurses working in a range of specialty in which they work autonomously and as part of a group to assess, implement, plan, and evaluate care. Nursing Science is a field of facts, based on the aid of nursing science during peer-reviewed journal and evidence-based practice.

Health care is the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease, illness, injuries and other physical and mental problems in humans. The care provided by medical professionals, pharmacy, chiropractic, dentistry, nursing, allied health and other care providers.

Nurses in perform a large range of settings, from hospital to visit public at house and care for them in school to investigate in pharmaceutical company. Nurses working in health centers, long term care, clinics, nurses, independent clinics and doctors’ offices, facilities and camps. They also effort on cruise ships and in military service. Nurse act as adviser and consultant in the health care industry and insurance. Many nurses also work in health advocacy and patient advocacy fields from companies such as activist Health, Inc. to assist in a range of clinical and organizational problems. A few are attorneys and others work with attorneys as illegal nurse consultant, review uncomplaining records to ensure that proper care and testified in court. Nurses can work on a temporary basis, sense that changes without making contact in a range of settings, also identified as per Diem nursing, organization nursing or travel nursing. Nurses working as researchers in laboratories, research institutes and universities.


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Good nutrition is important for everyone but especially for growing teenagers. Proper balanced diet is necessary for the development of their bones and muscles. Unfortunately, these days many teenagers are suffering from malnutrition. Here are few steps that will help the teenagers to overcome this dilemma.

1)       Drink Plenty Of Water- drinking water keeps the body hydrated that helps in regulating metabolism and purifies the body. Drinking water also keeps all the systems and organs functional whether we talk about the digestive system or kidney. It also helps in boosting up the immune system that prevents us from various diseases.

2)      Maintain Regular Sleep- sleep is the major factor that contributes to the health of an individual. An average teen requires a minimum of 8 hours of sleep daily to remain healthy. Having proper sleep keeps them active throughout the day and minimizes anxiety.

3)      Eat Breakfast Daily- Breakfast is considered the most important meal as it provides the body with the first fuel of the day. Teenagers should never miss the breakfast. Healthy breakfast includes fruits, milk, eggs, oatmeal, juices, toast or cream of wheat.

4)     Avoid Junk Food- junk food not only comprises of food that is served at the restaurants but all the stuff that lacks nutritional value. All these stuffs have an adverse effect on health. Eating junk food is the real cause to obesity so these should be avoided. Teenagers should be supplied with food that is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals which is very important for their growth.

5)      Snack Healthy- Eating fruits, a handful of nuts, celery, or a piece of cheese as a part of snack are better than having fried food. Healthy snack will maintain the energy level throughout the day and will also benefit the body.

6)      Exercise- Exercising daily for at least 10 to 15 minutes is quite good for health. It helps to get rid of extra fat accumulated in the body. Indulging into physical activities keeps the body and mind fresh. It even enhances the concentration power of teenagers, so they are able to perform well in studies.

These are few key to healthy lives that have proved to be very effective and productive. Teenagers must eat balanced diet in order to stay healthy.

Meditation: Determines the exact quality of living

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The conscious practice of mind, in the resting stage is far better than the sound sleep. Meditation has the power to drive out the mind from disturbed stage. We get manifold benefits with the addition of calm, peace and serene like working words. This mental hygienic process works on-

  1. Good concentration.
  2. Improvement in communication.
  3. Clarity of perception.
  4. Get success in professional life
  5. Feel more beauty from inside as well as outside.
  6. Relaxation, as well as up-gradation power.
  7. Blossoming of talents and skills.
  8. Provides the ability to connect with an energy source.
  9. Improves the inner strength.
  10. Give better healing power.
  11. Unconditional happiness and peace of mind.

The scientific research also suggests that meditation is supportive in several disorders such as sleeping disorders, high blood pressure, depression, breathing disorders, anxiety, heart related diseases, allergic conditions, fatigueness and cancer like diseases. There are various techniques and types in practice to relax the posture. But, they share the same goal of achieving the inner peace.

Mantra meditation: We have to silently repeat a charming word, thought or phrase.

Mindfulness meditation: The process provides the broad mental awareness. Rhythmic flow of breath provides the acceptance and balance about present moments.

Transcendental meditation: The state of perfect stillness and mantras narrows the conscious awareness and eliminate all thoughts from your mind.

Guided meditation: The guided imagination leads by a teacher and practice needs use of most of the senses.

Yoga: The series of postures and controlled breathing exercises promotes the more flexibility and calm.

A person can meditate at the time of walking, travelling, waiting or even in the middle of a difficult business meeting. The control on the breathing process and sound vibrations in a specific way provides the deep relaxation. The new meaning of happiness also involves in the generational controlled emotional state. The combination of calm effects with pure awareness restores our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance. The person attains the enlightenment through this simple and fast way of practice. The deeper understanding of sacred and mystical forces has been practiced from thousands of years. The complementary medicine for mind and body eliminates the stream of jumbled thoughts. The permanent positive results help to build confidence for the successful management of life challenges.

Your carelessness can lead you towards: Liver Cirrhosis

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Liver, an important organ of our body, has a great capacity to regenerate and large reserve capacity. But when a person is diagnosed with Liver Cirrhosis, it means that the healthy tissue is being replaced with the scar tissue and thus preventing it to function properly. This scar tissue blocks the blood flow through the organ; as a result, patient’s body becomes deficient in essential nutrients and hormones. There are so many reasons related to the cirrhosis of the liver like

  1. Fatty liver due to diabetes and obesity
  2. Chronic viral infection (hepatitis B, C and D) of liver
  3. Blockage of the bile duct resulting in Primary Biliary Cirrhosis
  4. Some specific inherited diseases like Cystic Fibrosis, Alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency, Hemochromatosis and Wilson’s disease.
  5. Repeated Heart Failures where fluid backs up in the liver

All these are the reasons behind the disease, but how can it be diagnosed?  For us,  it is necessary to know the methods by which we can make it certain whether we are suffering from this problem or not. These ways are:

  1. Physical Exam: Your doctor will observe the changes in the way your organ senses or how much it has inflamed. A cirrhotic liver is mainly bumpy and irregular.
  2. Blood Tests: In case the doctor infers cirrhosis, he will suggest you some blood tests which will accurately find out if any such problem is present. You might have to undergo some other tests such as CT scan, Ultrasound and Liver/Spleen scan.
  3. Biopsy: You may have to undergo a biopsy test also if the situation is acute. Your doctor will take a sample of the liver tissue and send it to the laboratory for confirming the exact situation.
  4. Surgery: Cirrhosis can also be diagnosed during any operation as the doctor is able to see the entire liver at that time.

It is believed that the next step to cirrhosis is a liver failure in which a patient ultimately ends up with death. You should always try to maintain a healthy life style, avoid excessive intake of alcohol or any hard drink and take proper vaccinations of hepatitis B, C and D. Your single mistake can ruin your life as well as of others very close to you.