Conflicting Information on Cigarettes and Non-Smokers

Passive smoking danger
Passive smoking is dangerous as well

There was a recent controversy about the science behind the dangers of passive smoking. What caused this controversy is that participation was particularly between scientists and activists in non-smokers and the tobacco industry spokespersons. This controversy is based on whether or not passive smoking is a real threat to people around the smoker presents, or if this conviction was more the result of social disapproval current consumption of snuff that the results of convincing trials. Science has born in mind that the smoke is not dangerous, especially young people posing.

The children are naturally healthier body in many ways. Their bodies are extremely sensitive at the same time. Although a non-smoking adults may well be able to smell of a cigarette to ignore, you can be sure that the smell is penetrating a young child. In most cases, children often do not enjoy the smell, either. All this talk about the smell seems largely cosmetic until one considers the fact that every particle of odor in its origin. If a child can smell the smoke, they are inhaling some of the same particles in the smoke inhaled by the smoker.

There are some links to various diseases associated with children exposed to smoke. Asthma is an important and other respiratory diseases are linked to exposure as well. Although there tends to be a little hysteria surrounding the study noted that the studies are not theories, are simply the results published in a peer-reviewed experiment is not something to consider here. Perhaps some of the dangers of passive smoking for children and non-smokers are exaggerated, but certainly not good to expose a child and therefore much better to simply give up the habit.


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