How to overcome uncovered medical expenses

Importance of health insurance
The importance of a health insurance policy

A medical insurance policy is the plan which covers an individual’s medical allowances and offers security in times of need. Health Insurance can be sub-categorised:

  • Private health insurance
  • Public health insurance

When comparing both types, according to the CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention), the US health care system is highly dependent on private insurance. In the U.S the public pay premiums which are collected by the government. However, in the UK people are covered with the NHS (National Health Service) for their medical fees and the government doesn’t collect any premiums from anyone; this type of insurance is called Universal Health Coverage.

Before applying of the policy make sure that you fully understand the policy’s terms and conditions. The policy produces insurance for some diseases but a few medical treatments are not considered under the insurance plan.

The following is the list of areas that insurance doesn’t usually cover:

  • Any self-injury or suicidal attempt: in the case of self-harm, such as having cuts on any part of the body or suicide attempt isn’t covered by any type of insurance.
  • Treatments which are undergone for experiment
  • Injuries caused due to war: the injuries caused whilst in battled aren’t covered
  • Cosmetic surgery: surgery done in order to increase personal beauty such as reducing wrinkles or making modifications to the lips, nose, eye brows etc.
  • Any eye care treatment such as glasses: expenses are not provided for the change of spectacle frames
  • Any dental treatments: dental implants or surgery for levelling the teeth are not covered by the policy
  • Any diagnostic treatments carried out by an expert group of doctors: treatment such as regular blood tests or complete body check-ups isn’t covered.

Above are a few possibilities where the insurance policy won’t cover you. Therefore, in the case of emergency funding for the patient where insurance is not provided then one option to consider is taking out a payday loan.

Financing is the major aspect in any field. Finances can be funded in many ways such as borrowing money from friends and family or put down the assets for lease or take a loan. The best way of financing would be through loans. Loans are of two types: short term loans and long term longs. The most effective and beneficial option for everyone in emergency situations would be a short term loan or a pay day loan. A payday loan is the loan offered to the customer which can be accessed anywhere at any time. This loan can provide up to £1000 and the verification process can be completed within 24 hours. Payday loans as an alternative could be the best option.


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