Mindfulness Exercises – How Beethoven Can Help You!

Beethoven meditation music
Classical music like Beethoven for meditation

We all know how hectic life can get. For those who have kids, animals, commitments, life can be a fast moving non stop journey. Whenever somebody recommends we have to take time outside of our day and meditate, most of us raise an eyebrow and think, who’s got time for that! It goes without saying, many of us are under time pressure, but did you know meditation doesn’t have to be a major commitment. Mindfulness exercises are a style of meditation that works a little differently.

Can you remember the last time you really listened?

Mindfulness exercises are literally exercises that focus your mind on something which in turn creates a different frame of mind. This is a very similar concept to that of mediation. Some people even refer to this as day dreaming. Here’s an interesting question, when was the last time you truly listened to a song? I don’t mean driving down the freeway with it blaring on the stereo, I mean full concentration, actually feeling the music. Not only does this take time, it also needs a little setup.

Create your own personal mindfulness exercise environment

Creating your own personal environment is now easier than it ever was. ipods, iphones, ipads, iwhatever actually let us create personal environment like no other. You can use these devices to create something special, you can use these devices to create a meditation environment almost anywhere.

How Beethoven Can Help

You’ll need a song with minimal words, preferably a classic song, or at the very least a song with words you know well. Now, instead of just staring out the window really focus on the song. Don’t concentrate on anything else. Let your mind really focus, let it drift into the song. Let your mind be in the song for the whole time. Open your ears up to all of the song, try and listen to all the different instruments. If it’s Opera, be in audience and picture the singer, if it’s classical feel the mood of the music. When the song is over, congratulate yourself, you just completed a mindfulness exercise.

It’s about finding time

Yes, it is difficult to find the time. However, here is a thought experiment that you can consider. We find time to eat, we find time to drink, we find time to sleep, we find time to talk to friends, therefore if something is important we find time.

Mindfulness exercise is important, which means you need to try to find the time. Here are several times in the day where I find I can zone out, hopefully you have at least one of these as well:

  • lunch time
  • Train ride into work
  • late at night just before “lights out”

You don’t need to practice special poses and sit in a Japanese garden. It’s simply about taking a small amount of time out for your self.

When you experience total focus, your in the moment, you’re at peace. Not only will things become clearer you’ll be relaxed and willing to let little troubles wash away.


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