MIO Alpha strapless heart rate monitor

MIO Alpha strapless heart rate monitor
MIO Alpha strapless heart rate monitor

The struggle to lose weight can be a hard one for anybody. There are countless weight loss supplements and aids on the market today that advertise a quick fix with no strings attached. Such claims are simply unfounded, and one can grow ill from buying into fad diets and fasts that starve the body and mind.

While some celebrities may have indeed found quick success with certain trends, the results are almost always short lived. You may be able to fend off hunger for a couple weeks, but eventually you will grow tired of the stress and wind up binging. Even if you don’t go out of control, your body will cling to fat as you start eating in a normal pattern again, resulting in weight gain that may even exceed your previous weight.

A balanced nutrition plan and a consistent exercise routine are the only way you’ll experience lasting changes, and it’s important that the regime isn’t too dramatic or you won’t be able to maintain it. It’s better to set reasonable goals that you can reach, and you don’t want to dread your workout each day.

A heart rate monitor is an excellent motivator and it will take the guess work out of working out. You’ll no longer have to rely on online charts and tables that could be inaccurate, and you’ll be able to track your progress and make goals you can accomplish each day.

Most heart rate monitors function with the use of a strap that you secure to your chest. Such pieces can be quite accurate, but the strap may prove cumbersome to those inexperienced with it. You also have to wash it occasionally or your signal could become impaired, and sometimes you may find that you have to adjust it during your routine because your watch isn’t reading your heart rate.

The MIO Alpha strapless heart rate monitor seeks to curb all that frustration by offering a highly accurate watch that doesn’t require a chest strap. It’s unique among strapless devices because it relays your data in real time. It will keep a signal during even the most intense sustained movement, making it an excellent gadget that requires no fuss or muss.

If you’re going to invest in a heart rate monitor, you should consider the MIO Alpha because it’s truly unique. The additional functions also make it a cinch to program to your individual tastes.


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