Things You Ought to Know About Medical Apps

Power of medical apps
Medical apps are becoming more and more powerful today

Advancement in technology has given a rise to the highly designed features which can be incorporated in a simple single device known as a Smartphone. The best part of these developments is that now people can monitor their health by themselves with the help of these medical apps. Below are some medical apps and things you should know;

1)       Epocrates: This is designed for patients who are not aware of the medication they are supposed to follow for their health conditions. It basically determines the dosage of the medicine which must be followed by the user depending on their health plan. The point that you must know is that whether the prescribed dosage has an adverse effect on the patient. The answer to this question is still under research but so far there were no cases of people who were affected adversely.

2)      All scripts Remote: This is a special tool which enables the patient or his guardian to transfer complete information about his status to the doctor. Now the doctor can immediately do his duty by prescribing him medicines or call for an emergency. This app also enables to get a report of the patient. Hence it has been proven to be helpful to many.

3)      Full Code and Full Code Pro: This is an amazing app which can record the intervention which is critical during a heart attack for a patient. This is very important and helpful because it is lost most of the time during travelling. The doctor can decide immediately what must be done by seeing them. Hence many times it was life-saving information that reached the doctor successfully.

4)      Dr Rounds: This maintains records about your regular check-ups, medications, prescription and consultations. You can track them and avoid missing any as it is common for people to forget. As this information is securely stored in your mobile phone you can access it from anywhere at any point of time.

5)      ICD9 Consult: This basically helps you to connect and acknowledge the diseases present world-wide and their symptoms. This can help you know your status and consult a specialist immediately. ICD refers to the International Statistical Classification of Diseases. This also gives you solutions or remedies for the symptoms you have. This is very helpful during emergencies. After taking the medicine you can immediately go for consultation. This way you can avoid loss during the travel time.

6)      Airstrip OB: This tool is for the obstetricians. They can monitor the status of the patient. It enables the obstetrician to scan the baby as well as check the heart beat by listening to it clearly with the help of this application.

All these are definitely remarkable achievements which lend their hand to help people monitor their health. A few of these apps are free whereas others are paid.


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