Tips For Controlling Acne Breakouts At Any Age


Most people suffer from acne. However, this skin condition can be controlled to ensure clearer skin and reduce the breakouts. Apart from the daily cleansing, there are other tricks that will help reduce the severity of the acne and sooth inflamed skin. Provided below are some of the tips that you can use to reduce acne.

Watch Your Diet

Diet has a significant effect on acne. Ensure that you eat foods that have low fats to prevent generation of more fat by the skin. Vegetables and fruits should be consumed adequately as they are enriched with antioxidants and adequate proteins that will promote fast healing of any acne infections.


Water is an excellent and effective natural treatment for this skin condition. Ensure that you take about eight glasses of water daily. This will enable your body to eliminate waste, oil, and toxins. In addition, it will moisten the skin and prevent clogging of the pores.

Think Clean

It is important for you to always change body towels, washcloths, and linens after every use. This is because they are conducive environments for the breeding of acne-causing bacteria and can worsen your condition when reapplied on your skin. It is advisable that you wash your pillow covers, facial cloths and undergarments using tea tree oil, Vinegar or essential oils of lemon, orange and lime every day. This will reduce the growth of bacteria that causes acne.

Avoid Astringents

For you to have a beautiful smooth skin, it is essential for you to avoid astringent agents or astringent natural soaps. This is because they tend to shrink the pores of the skin. Examples of these agents are witch hazel, very cold water, rubbing alcohol and oatmeal. When the pores shrink, more oils tend to clog in the pores promoting breakout of acne.

Avoid Stimulants

Tea, cigarettes, coffee, excessive sugars from soda and sweets must be avoided. Research has shown that anything that affects the brain, nervous system and the entire body tends to stimulate sebaceous glands to secrete more oil. This oil is expelled from the body through the skin pores, thereby worsening the acne in the process.

Avoid Alcohol

Most people believe that alcohol relaxes the body and relieves stress. However, alcohol tends to promote the outbreak of acne. In addition, it inhibits sleep causing you to feel more stress and fatigue, thus worsening your acne.

Avoid Abrasives and Scrubbing

It is important for you to avoid scrubbing the affected areas or using abrasives. This is because they tend to irritate the skin, thus worsening the condition. You should also avoid using very cold or very hot water when bathing. It is advisable that you use warm water, which is below 98.5 degrees when washing your skin.

There are many ways of fighting and controlling acne. However, the best technique is living a healthy lifestyle as it will help you attain a healthier skin and body. If you change any negative habits, you will be rewarded with more energy, healthy body and a clearer skin that you can show the world. The initial changes, may be challenging at fast, however, you will learn to adopt them.


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