Your carelessness can lead you towards: Liver Cirrhosis

Where is liver found in the body?
Location of liver in the human body

Liver, an important organ of our body, has a great capacity to regenerate and large reserve capacity. But when a person is diagnosed with Liver Cirrhosis, it means that the healthy tissue is being replaced with the scar tissue and thus preventing it to function properly. This scar tissue blocks the blood flow through the organ; as a result, patient’s body becomes deficient in essential nutrients and hormones. There are so many reasons related to the cirrhosis of the liver like

  1. Fatty liver due to diabetes and obesity
  2. Chronic viral infection (hepatitis B, C and D) of liver
  3. Blockage of the bile duct resulting in Primary Biliary Cirrhosis
  4. Some specific inherited diseases like Cystic Fibrosis, Alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency, Hemochromatosis and Wilson’s disease.
  5. Repeated Heart Failures where fluid backs up in the liver

All these are the reasons behind the disease, but how can it be diagnosed?  For us,  it is necessary to know the methods by which we can make it certain whether we are suffering from this problem or not. These ways are:

  1. Physical Exam: Your doctor will observe the changes in the way your organ senses or how much it has inflamed. A cirrhotic liver is mainly bumpy and irregular.
  2. Blood Tests: In case the doctor infers cirrhosis, he will suggest you some blood tests which will accurately find out if any such problem is present. You might have to undergo some other tests such as CT scan, Ultrasound and Liver/Spleen scan.
  3. Biopsy: You may have to undergo a biopsy test also if the situation is acute. Your doctor will take a sample of the liver tissue and send it to the laboratory for confirming the exact situation.
  4. Surgery: Cirrhosis can also be diagnosed during any operation as the doctor is able to see the entire liver at that time.

It is believed that the next step to cirrhosis is a liver failure in which a patient ultimately ends up with death. You should always try to maintain a healthy life style, avoid excessive intake of alcohol or any hard drink and take proper vaccinations of hepatitis B, C and D. Your single mistake can ruin your life as well as of others very close to you.


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